11 Things that Happen in Yoga Teacher Training

11 Things that Happen in Yoga Teacher Training

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Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is a life-changing experience. Not only do teacher-trainers learn how to teach yoga, but typically there is a significant growth that happens in our spirit that is undeniable. Hopefully, each training involves a significant amount of yoga philosophy, which challenges our social norms. Change is not always easy, however, the changes in YTT improve every area of our lives. So here is our list of 11 amazing things that happen in yoga teacher training.  



1. You will create beautiful bonds with your new yoga friends.

We make friends while sharing new and challenging experiences.  I’m not going to lie.  Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is a challenging journey. The days can be long and the work can be heavy.  Our Weekend Intensives at Mountain Harmony is just that.  Intense. Your classmates will be the only folks who truly understand this challenge. Through this experience, you will create life-long friends who will accept you as your authentic self.



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2. You will GROW

You will not be the same human being at the end of the program, as you were when you started. It’s scary to face your fears. Your instructor will ask you to honestly confront uncomfortable aspects of your personality. You will learn how to embrace public speaking. You will accept feedback. And all of this will jettison you towards a whole new level of being. This growth will be evident to all of your peeps…especially yourself.



3. You will be uncomfortable

That’s how most students start out a program. Uncomfortable. You may be uncomfortable stepping into the studio on day one. It’s tough sometimes showing up to meet new people. Learning new concepts, especially in yoga philosophy can stretch your current view of the world. And practicing 4 hours of yoga postures a day might make you uncomfortable in the following days. The first time you teach yoga to another student can be a nail-biting experience. (At Mountain Harmony, this occurs on day 2!) You’ll feel so uncomfortable, but you will eventually be comfortable with this feeling of unease.



4. You ‘ll laugh a LOT

We can’t be serious all the time. Yoga teacher training is FUN. Long days make your instructor pretty ridiculous. (Maybe not other teachers…but for me for SURE). We’ll play games to reinforce the material, enjoy meals together and the retreat is excellent for connecting with your friends. You’ll be working hard, but it won’t always seem like it.



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5. You will become more flexible, and not just in your body.

As with most things in life, if we become too rigid, things don’t work out well, and we fall.  It going to be the same thing in teacher training.  The number one fear students hold onto is their concern of not being flexible enough in their physical body to get through the program. I tell them, that will come…don’t worry. You’ll embrace a more easy lifestyle and you learn to go with the flow. As your body increases in flexibility, so will your lifestyle.



6. You will become stronger. Again…not just physical

Just as above, your body will strengthen…right along with your beautiful spirit and mind. You’ll be able to step into any situation with power and grace and stand tall in your truth. Just wait…you’ll see.



7. Be will be more balanced…eventually.

Though training will be really hard at times, and it may seem difficult to balance everything you have going on…you can do this. And what will unfold will be a beautiful transition to have a more balanced life.  Is true balance attainable? That’s debatable. But the lows will be lower, and the highs not as overwhelming….and that is what yoga is.



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8. You will realize you are not perfect.  And neither am I, and neither is anyone else you know.

Sorry to take that away from you…but you’ll finally be able to look at yourself honestly. You can approach yourself with truth and be able to make important changes in your personality, to be the best version of yourself. It sure isn’t easy, but in order to progress and make changes, it’s necessary.



9. You will be sore

Just embrace it. 4-6 hours of yoga a day will make your body ache until the next. But it will be that really good sore…you know what I mean? That soreness will ultimately make your body stronger.



10. You’ll want to quit.  At least once.

Ok. Maybe more than once. But you’ll be glad you didn’t.



11. You’ll realize this is just the beginning.

As with any training or schooling, the certification is just the beginning. After graduation, you’ll step into teaching with confidence and authority. Yoga teacher training school will not make you an expert in yoga…becuase there’s so much to learn! However, a YTT-200 program should prepare you to bring the teachings of yoga to any type of student. To continue in your teaching journey you will need to continue to be a life-long learner. Alway attend more classes, continue with your personal practice and even thinking about further teacher training such as a YTT-300. Not only will your understanding of yoga deepen but you will continue to grow as a teacher.


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Even if you never teacher a yoga class, or are simply wanting to deepen your knowledge of Yoga, Yoga Teacher training will be one of the most profound experiences of your life. You’ll grow in more ways than you knew was possible, you’ll move your body in new and beautiful patterns, your laugh until your soul glows and you’ll make deep, lasting friendships that will continue the rest of your life. The journey won’t always be easy, but in my experience, anything worthwhile often isn’t.



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