15-minute Yoga Lunch Break

15-minute Yoga Lunch Break

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Who here is a working human? I refrain from saying working mother, or woman, because I know there are men who read my blog too. šŸ˜‰ But for the working people…I know how long the days can seem…even when you love your job and are fortunate to live your dharma through your career. So I created this 15-Minute Yoga Lunch Break for you to embrace the second half of your workday with energy and radiance.



Mindful Lunch Break

Do you have a habit of grabbing fast food and eating lunch in your car? Or staying at your desk to finish paperwork while absent-mindedly eating a frozen dinner?


I remember once, I had taken a management position after my son was born. I sat at my desk, eat lunch, pumped for breast milk, typed patient notes, all while being on a conference call. Ā It’s was a little nutso, and you can guess that I didn’t feel great Ā or invogorated after that lunch break.Ā 


We can use our downtime to mindlessly swipe through Facebook and munch on french fries. Or we can use it as an opportunity to feed our bodies and minds.


My favorite things to do on my work lunch break are:

~Take a walk


~Do a yoga practice

~Read something inspirational

~Yoga Nidra for Energy

~Have lunch with a friend and just relax


Whatever you choose to do, make sure to nourish yourself with good food and take time to rest and rejuvenate…becauseĀ sometimes the afternoons draggggg…


Let me know how you’re changing your break up and use this 15-Minute Yoga Lunch Break practice to energize your body!






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