20-Minute Morning Yoga Flow

20-Minute Morning Yoga Flow

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Mornings are by far my favorite time of the day. How about you? It’s especially satisfying when I incorporate morning yoga into my routine. 



I might be a little crazy, but I wake up at 4:50 every morning to have some alone time. I love watching the sun rise over a 14,000 ft mountain and knowing I’m grounded and already a little ahead of the day.



Dialing in your morning routine is a hot topic right now. Because it works! Starting out your day with mindfulness helps us focus on our goals and progress our lives with intention and clarity.



Each morning I rise either with or before the sun (in winter), guzzle some water or green tea, practice yoga or another workout, meditate and write. I’ll review my schedule for the week and maybe get some work done for the business.  But those first three things are always done: Yoga (or workout), Meditate and Write.



Practicing yoga early in the day helps to wake up the body and mind, increase your focus and balances your spirit to prepare you for the eventual chaos of the day. I love that it gives me energy and a body boost. I feel like I’ve accomplished so much just by doing some yoga in the morning!



So today I present you my Free 20-Minute Morning Yoga Flow to get your bad-ass up and going each day. Schedule this yoga flow into your morning routine and see the positive vibrations that manifest in your life.  



Enjoy my morning gift to you!



Let me know how your practice goes in the comments below!






MH Morning Yoga Flow

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