30-Minute Yoga Class for Spinal Mobility

30-Minute Yoga Class for Spinal Mobility

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Welcome to my first official yoga video on the blog. Sure you’ve seen the Zen in the Alligator Pen. But did actually do the yoga? I’m sure you were just checking to see if the gators took a bite of us. ­čÖé This is the first roll-your-mat-out-with-me, let’s-do-this YouTube Yoga practice, a 30-Minute Yoga Class for Spinal Mobility.


I’m terrified at putting my classes out there…but nothing good every happened within our comfort zone. So here we go.




Yoga in National Parks

This summer, my family and I took a long road trip to Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks, then spent a week in Lake Tahoe, before stopping in Salt Lake City for a few days and heading home. It was an amazing trip for us and we really bonded as a family.


And I thought I was going to have unlimited opportunity to film yoga classes in these spectacular places. However, Mother Nature had another plan for my vacation. And that included giving me a surprising case of poison oak.


Yep. In the process of getting to the river spot to film this video, I must have brushed up against the vicious plant because┬áthe day after, I broke out with an ugly, itchy and painful rash, covering my chest and arms. Let’s just say it put a damper on filming anything and generally made me miserable to the next week.




Not What I Expected

For the next week, I was forced to rest, which is what a vacation is about anyway right? So I embraced the message and forgot about filming with the stunning backdrop of El Capitan and Half Dome. I played on the beach of creeksides and beaches of Tahoe, and enjoyed watching my kids play in the waves. I paddle boarded, biked with the family, and napped in the sun, replenishing my prana to return to the busiest time of year at the studio.


And that’s hard for a workaholic. But I loved it. And I’m ok that over the course of two and a half weeks I only recorded three yoga videos for my new little YouTube Channel. Don’t worry. There are plenty of beautiful places in my valley to record and gift to you!




Eyes On Me

As a new outdoor class yogi, I wasn’t prepared for the impromptu audience of a family that really wanted to get into the swimming hole behind me. Lucky for me they gifted me with a little more time to finish my sequence…but once those folks sat there to watch, my balance fell out the window. Ah so…that’s real-life right yogis?




Yoga Class for Spinal Mobility

As a physical therapist, one of the main problems I see in the clinic is pain and decreased function due to limited mobility in the spine.


What does that mean?


That means, for a lot of folks, segments in their spine get stuck, and lose the ability to move. This can present as pain in the neck, shoulders, back or hips. It can look like being unable to twist, bend or extend throughout the body. This may limit our ability to do move our bodies to complete all of our responsibilities through-out our day. 


How do we fix this?


We move! We take our bodies into the areas of restriction, and spend some time there, opening the space. This yoga sequence will take you through all of the motions of the spine to help open areas of tension, to get you moving…in all the ways you want to!


So here we go! Let me know what you think.












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