Mountain Harmony’s 7-Day Wellness Habits is a challenge for busy yogis to integrate sustainable self-care activities into their day.



This challenge is for the busy yogi who doesn’t have a lot of extra down time to spend on self-care. This 7-Day Challenge is perfect to integrate these important habits into your day, and easily bring more balance to the hectic days. It’s easy!  Let me show you how!




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Imagine what it would feel like to

~Have more energy

~Feel more connected

~Feel rested in the AM

~Have increased happiness

~Feel more balanced

~Be more peaceful

~Have more focus


It’s all possible just by adding these simple daily activities that will easily transform into daily habits.



Wellness Challenge, Alamosa CO Yoga



I know what it’s like to feel exhausted, disconnected, irritated and hectic. I’m a working momma with workaholic tendencies, and I use to keep running until my body and mind said: “Stop!”



But once I figured out that I don’t have to stress out about not stressing out, I am:

~Better connected to my community and family

~I able to embrace my work more fully

~I have the energy to help others embrace wellness

~More creative



You see, after working myself to exhaustion, ignoring my needs and putting my marriage at risk, I realized I already knew what I needed…I just needed to do it!  By integrating these 7 habits into my daily schedule I am able to be fully present with patients, family, friends, and students…and it’s not hard when you just take it step-by-step.



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I’ve been there. After creating this challenge, I’ve done it.  And I’m still just as busy as before. However, I’m now more focused & able to relax and spend time with who and what is most important! That’s what we’re all working for right?



This challenge includes

~7 Daily Emails

~12-page workbook to help you deeply explore these habits



And it’s all free!  Boom.  Doesn’t get better than that.



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Listen. I know you’ve done these challenges before. I get it.  Your time is pretty limited, huh?   But these 7 fun Habits will bring a bit more balance into your life, and make the hectic days a lot more fulfilling.  And that’s all we can hope for right?



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