Ajna Chakra

Ajna Chakra

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Ajna Chakra

“To Perceive”


Anna Chakra Alamosa CO Yoga Ayurveda


Seed Sound: OM

Color: Purple

Gem: Amethyst 


Ajna chakra is located in what is known as the third eye, right between the eyebrows. It assists in the regulation of the hypothalamus, which is the chief controller of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. This aids in the moderation of the cardiovasular system, body temperature, hydration and the sensations of pleasure and pain.


There are two petals represented with Ajna Chakra to demonstrate the Ida and Pingla nadis that rise to this level, that then exit through the nose. Shushumna Nadi alone ascends to the final chakra. 


In this region, individual consciousness meets higher consciousness. Here, the observer meets observed. This supports pure intelligence and divine insight while embracing the element of light. 



Anna Chakra Alamosa CO Yoga Ayurveda

Ajna Chakra is Associated With:




Through our senses, we take in information and experiences. We can choose to tune out these experiences, or we can take this data and transform it into memories or knowledge.


We take these impressions into the third eye, and integrate the insight into what we already know.  We incorporate these new details into our breadth of understanding, whether we are young on our journey or older and have a deeper grasp on the human condition.


This transforms into wisdom. The more we integrate our experiences, the further we can progress in our own evolution and path to enlightenment.




There are things we understand without knowing how we realize them. This is our intuition.


Working through the lower level Chakras, we establish our health, strength and vitality. When we are healthy in these other areas of our lives, we can count on our intuition to create further realities, keep us safe and guide us through our journey.


How do you trust your intuition? How do you know that the challenging decision you made is the correct one for your journey? Here’s what I believe…


     #1. Focus on your physical and mental health. Make sure that your body processes are working correctly, and that your mind is clear.

     #2. When you made the decision, listen deeply to that voice inside. Do you feel a sense of relief of dread? Do you feel excited about the next step or do you truly feel alarmed with your decision.  This needs to be distinguished from fear…because let’s be honest, life can be a little scary at times…change especially. But do you feel a relief from making your decision? Then you’re on the right path.


I truly believe it’s that simple. 


For instance a few weeks ago I had to make the excruciating decision to keep Mountain Harmony Yoga Studio open or close due to the severe impact that COVID had on our bottom line. Once I made the decision to close to focus on my family and personal health journey, I felt excited and lighter about taking the next step of moving and focusing on massage and Ayurveda. And since then everything within our family has fallen beautifully into place. 




Ajna Chakra is our point of imagination. This is our ability to create new ideas or concepts either real or in the mind. 


Just as developing our intuition, it is important to keep a healthy body and mind to allow for free flow of thought and enhancement of creativity. 


Did you know that creativity is like a muscle that you can strengthen? By engaging in creative endeavors, keeping an open mind, telling stories, being curious, reading books, learning new things or by practicing meditation, we keep an open channel to the source of imagination.




Our visual system is our primary means of taking in information.  As we witness the world around us and experience the unfolding of our shared human experience, we are able to integrate this into our understanding and advance our wisdom, as described above. 


Our eyes are typically our primary way to keep our balance and safety in check, and when there are complications in this area, we tend to struggle with balance deficits and can even have difficulty walking. 


Keep your eyes healthy by making sure you eat whole foods full of vitamins and minerals and engage in daily Nasya to keep the eyes moist.  



Ajna Chakra Alamosa CO Yoga Ayurveda



A strong Ajna chakra allows us to see clearly, integrate knowledge and experiences into our frame of reference. We are then able to trust our intuition to guide us through the difficult aspects of our journey.


A weak Ajna chakra can cause a lack of insight, a decrease in trust, difficulty concentrating and doubt.


A malfunctioning Anna chakra can present as negative thinking, delusion, passive aggression, excessive worrying and a feeling of disconnection from the body. Physical manifestations can appear as headaches, insomnia, vertigo, blindness, eyestrain or blurred vision.




To Strengthen Ajna Chakra

Color Meditation with a focus of purple glowing at the third eye center can be a rejuvenating way to strengthen Ajna Chakra


Yoga eye exercises can help strengthen the muscles associated with the physical eye, and in turn build strength within the third eye. 


Go to an Art Museum, and take time to absorb the paintings and art. Don’t rush. Sit in front of a piece for  hours if it calls to you. Take a moment to define what types of art you like a don’t like, and why they make you feel that way. Journal about your experience.


The pineal gland is located in the third eye area. This endocrine gland helps to regulate sleep and circadian rhythms.  Sleep is single handily the most important aspect of health, and typically the activity that people fight having just the right amount of.


Yoga Inversion Poses bring focus to the area of Ajna chakra and increase blood flow to the third eye. If these are within your practice, integrate them after a proper warm up and see how this strengthens your yoga practice. 

Ajna Chakra Alamosa CO Yoga Ayurveda



Work with your Ayurvedic Practitioner to inquire about herbs such as Rose, Chrysanthemum and Guduchi Stem to help strengthen the Ajna Chakra. 

If you like Aromatherapy, try the delicious blend below. It contains 100% pure, undiluted essential oils of Grapefruit Pink, Clary Sage, Sandalwood Australian, and Spruce Hemlock. It’s amazing!



Journal Prompts for Ajna Chakra


1. Keep a dream journal for one week.  Put a notebook, and pen right next to your bed.  In the morning, before you reach for the notebook, review the dream in your mind.  Re-visualize the colors, images, and feelings in your dream. This will help you remember the dream long to record the dream.  Write everything you remember about the dream, specifically the feelings, colors, and symbolism.  Revisit the journal later in the day and see if the symbolism brings up anything for you.


2. What makes you feel connected to your intuitive self?  Do you visit with this often?


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