Anahata Chakra

Anahata Chakra

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Anahata Chakra



Anahata Chakra Alamosa CO Yoga Ayurveda


Seed Sound: YAM

Color: Green

Gem: Rose Quartz. The stone of unconditional love


The heart holds our Anahata Chakra, right in the middle of the chest. Anahata represents the Air element, allowing our feelings to reside and flow where needed. Its basic function is compassion and healing.


The 12 petaled Anahata is the middle chakra, connecting the upper more cerebral chakras with the lower, grounding energetic centers. It is our true center.


The heart chakra is deeply integrated with subtle body, which permeates & affects physical body. It is the seat of our life force, prana.


Human beings are a part and product of nature, therefore we possess the inherent tendency to love, heal & harmonize. Here we are able to express self-love and unconditional love for others as well as deep connection and compassion. 


Anahata Chakra Alamosa CO Yoga Ayurveda

Anahata Chakra is Associated With:



First and foremost, Anahata Chakra is related to love. Have you noticed the progression of the Chakras so far? First, we solidify our base (Manipura chakra), then we reach out for sexual connection for reproduction (Svasthana chakra), then we strengthen our own power and confidence (Manipura), and now we are able to reach out of ourselves for satisfying connection: love.


Anahata Chakra represents all types of love; self-love, friendship love, romantic love, familial love, community love….on and on, and everything on the spectrum.


Yoga philosophy teaches us that true love is experienced as an outward emotion. When we experience love, it is given, and should never be demanded in return. This is loving without expectations. This feels very risky and vulnerable, but it is the only method to love fully. Love may or may not be reciprocated, but if we love fully and without requirements, we are able to gain knowledge and compassion within this love. 


The Supreme self does not seek the love and approval of others. Loving fullying without the need to be loved back is more fulfilling than the experience of being love.


Does this seem hard to do with the people who are closest to us? Try this activity to start the process. Do something out of love for someone you are close to, and maybe feel vulnerable around. Buy them an unexpected present, do a chore out of love, compliment them when they are least expected it…or any other act of giving that comes to mind. Do this act of love without expectation. Don’t expect a thank you, don’t’ expect reciprocation, don’t even expect them to notice! How did this go for you? Share your experience below!


Anahata chakra is the seat of love and devotion…which with practice will lead to faith and trust.



The heart is the powerhouse of body circulation. The heart is also close to the lungs, which takes care of oxygen & carbon dioxide exchange. 


The circulatory system delivers. It transports important nutrients, oxygen and warmth. The heart is what pumps these essential needs through the body system.

This ensures that we have fresh availability of nutrients to the tissues to complete our dharma and have the energy we need on a daily basis.  The circulatory system also assists the lymphatic system in cleaning out the wastes of the body


The components of the circulatory system replenish every few weeks. This is a beautiful metaphor for our ever-present ability to change and grow throughout our human journey. Always taking steps to discover who we truly are.


Anahata chakra is also the major crossroad of several major nadis in the subtle body. If this remains a stuck area, then it decreases the circulation of energy flowing freely through the body. 




Balance can be a triggering word for some people. I’ve even heard some bloggers claim that balance isn’t possible. And they are partially right, but that that doesn’t mean we don’t continually strive toward an overall life of balance.


Here’s why these nay-sayers have an element of truth. Ayurveda claims that at the moment of our conception we are set with our doshic ratios. And from there forward, we are continually out of balance due to lifestyle challenges, time of life influences, or weather & climate changes that affects our health. 


However, with lifestyle, food, and herbal modifications, we can remain more at the midline of our doshic balance.  When we support the body appropriately, when we teeter, off-balance it’s not as dramatic of an experience and we are able to weather the storm gracefully.


The heart chakra, being in the center of the chakras represents this balance. It is the center of the upper and lower chakras, left and right sides of the body, and signifies the balance between the head and the heart.




We born into this human experience to connect with others. Does that mean we need to love everyone? Depends on who you talk to.


I’m not here to tell you who you need to love.  However, I will tell you that learning how to have compassion for everyone is a road to evolution and growth like no other. Yes…that includes those that annoy or who hurt you.


If we are honest, many relationships bring up struggle. Think about your relationship with your parents, your ex-love interests, even that difficult co-worker. That’s ok. If we didn’t have these conflicts, we wouldn’t have this beautiful opportunity to expereince growth, wisdom and understanding.


Learning how to deal with these difficult relationships allow us to foster compassion and establish our boundaries.


Of course, most of our relationships are a beautiful experience of support, laughter, and connection. Spending time with those we care about is rewarding and a simple pleasure that adds value to our lives. I love all I learn from my friends and watching the incredible journeys of love and development. 




We are connected.


Yoga philospohy teaches this that we are all part of a greater whole, and therefore deeply connected to each other. Yes. All of us.


Anahata chakra unites the upper and lower chakras. This unity allows for the manifestation of creation and ideas in a tangible sense and subsequently provides the stabilityfor upper levels of understanding. 


The realization of unity allows for increased compassion and improved relationships. When we are all united as one, we can leave judgements and prejudices behind and co-create our future as humans. 





In order to heal the physical and subtle bodies, we have to believe that healing is possible. I see it time and again. If a person does not belive that they can heal, then they will not overcome the concern and remain stuck in a pain pattern. 


True healing comes from the heart. With an open and happy heart, we are able to allow the body to assist in natural healing. A balanced Anahata Chakra keeps the potential for healing open and the work can happen as it should. 


Anahata Chakra Alamosa CO Yoga Ayurveda


A heart chakra in balance can be experienced as compassion, healing and prosperity. These folks have the ability and desire to sacrifice for the greater good. 


If the heart area is too tight, students may experience hypertension, being overly critical,  or overextending at the expense of self-care


However, if the region is weak, folks may experience: fear of rejection, apathy, lack of compassion, grief, sorrow or lost boundaries


When heart chakra is out of balance, people may experience vulnerability loss of confidence, anxiety, emotional distress, and dependency. Malfunctions of the Anahata Chakra can physically manifest as: asthma, heart disease, lung disease, or heart arrhythmia. Negative mental traits may include: victimhood, being too sappy, for feeling depleted. 



How To Strengthen Anahata Chakra

Take the time to help someone else…something that does not directly benefit you in return. Consider volunteer work as a means to open this energetic center. 


Try this Compassion Meditation, from UC Berkeley. With frequent practice, this guided meditation will strengthen your compassion for everyone. 


For your Pranayama practice, engage in long, slow, deep breaths with a focus on expanding and contracting the rib cage, where the heart is supported. Sit with your attention on your breath for up to 20 minutes/day. 


Have you tried Partner Yoga yet? It’s a great way to develop connection and communication with a partner or a friend. Plus it’s fun!


Anahata Chakra Alamosa CO Yoga Ayurveda


Herbs that support the Anahata Chakra are: Dandelion root, Saffron, Sage Leaf, Arjuna Bark, and Scullcap leaf.  Herbs are significantly beneficial as they support the physical and subtle body. Connect with your Ayurvedic Practitioner to see if their herbs will be important for you. 


If you’re into aromatherapy try this Loving Compassion blend from Plant Therapy. It contains 100% pure undiluted essential oils of Grapefruit Pink, Rhododendron, Bergamot, and Rose Otto.



Journal Prompts for Anahata Chakra


1. Think about your family of origin.  How was love expressed?  What kinds of things that other do make you feel love?  How do you show others that you care? Is it similar to how you were shown love as a child?


2. Write a love letter to yourself, from the standpoint of someone who loves you very much.  When you’re done, read this out loud in a mirror towards yourself.


3. What does compassion mean to you?  How do you express this to others?  Explain how have others expressed this to you?  Can someone increase their compassion?


Anahata Heart Chakra | Alamosa CO Yoga


Anahata Chakra is the seat of our connection and relationship with others. A balanced heart center allows us to be vulnerable while also improving our compassion for all others. We bring attention to his area with heart opening yoga poses and focused breath to allow for greater development of unity, balance and health.



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