Keep Your Social Media, and your Sanity!

May 3, 2019

Keep Your Social Media, and your Sanity!

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If you’re like me and most of my friends, spending time on social media can be totally overwhelming. Facebook and Instagram were created to connect us more to family and loved ones, but they can be a source of negative emotions and a sinkhole of time.



I know that I can jump onto FB to check in with one of my groups, and then 45 minutes later, I look up to see that I haven’t accomplished a thing, and I’ve wasted a whole lot of time, looking at posts that are not important to me! What a waste of time!



So I designed this Social Media Purge as a way to focus on what is important, and to turn our social media platforms into a form of self-care and wellness.



Ok.  So don’t get me wrong here. Social Media is a pretty damn amazing thing, right? I mean how else can you get all your news, gossip, memes and recipes all in one place? It’s a pretty amazing time to be living in right now. The internet has never been more impressive!



Then why is it so many people are choosing to delete Facebook off their phones for weeks at a time to give themselves a wellness break?


Social Medial Purge to Decrease Overwhelm on Social Media




Most people aren’t always fully transparent on social media. We create these profiles of really amazing qualities and pretty pictures…of course, we do! Why would we post pictures of dirty bathrooms, kids in their pajamas for entire weekends or crying during an argument with our husbands? It’s just not the socially acceptable thing to do.



However, the struggles in life, are still part of life! The problem is that we compare ourselves with our friends who are only displaying the awesomeness, and somehow that makes us feel inadequate. Or jealous…or not skinny or pretty enough.



I also think that we feel overwhelmed with social media because we are constantly bombarded with useless information while scrolling through the newsfeeds.



I mean really, how important is it to know what coffee creamer that girl from 9th grade, who sat behind us in history, (what was her name again?) is drinking this morning. That guy you met in a bar once ten years ago…do you REALLY care where he’s backpacking these days? Do we need to know every single Trump-ism of the day? That family member who doesn’t finish sentences correctly, that just bugs you to no end…do you really need to follow her? Nope, you do not.




Social Medial Purge to Decrease Overwhelm on Social Media


Social Media Purge

Instead of deleting Facebook altogether, try doing a Social Media Purge. This allows your loved ones to contact you, you can peek into their pictures if you ever get the urge, and allows your social media experience to benefit you. It nullifies the addiction that wastes too much time while adding to the chaos of your day. It may take you a few days to complete all these steps, but your news feed will be a much happier place.



  1. Unfollow all news media. Believe me. You will still find out all the important world happenings, just by talking to your friends, family, and co-workers.
  2. Look at all the people you have negative feelings about. Do you not really like that one co-worker?  Don’t worry!  Even if you unfollow them, they’ll still drive you crazy at work! Do you have a loved one that keeps posting political posts that piss you off? Unfollow. Are you crazy jealous because your friend is backpacking in Australia for 4 years and you’re at home with 2 toddlers? Unfollow…and know that they are probably jealous of you too! Just get rid of anyone that triggers a negative reaction inside your sweet little, vulnerable heart. There’s no need to unfriend them, just quietly unfollow for a bit of time.
  3. Now it’s time to get rid of those “friends” you just really don’t care about. If you didn’t have Facebook, would you be interested in what’s going on in these people’s lives? I don’t intend to be mean at all with this, but you know what I’m talking about. When I was cleaning up my Facebook I was amazed at the number of people that were showing up in my feed that I didn’t really have an emotional connection to. They’re good people of course, but their lives truly didn’t affect mine, just as mine don’t affect theirs. Unfollow.
  4. Now with those three things cleaned up, scroll through your feed and simply unfollow all of the pages or people that aren’t adding to your overall wellness. Just remember that this can be temporary. You can always re-follow people or groups without a problem!



That’s it!  Not too hard huh?  Now you can scroll with a happy heart!


Social media can be a great way to learn new information and stay connected…or it can totally be information overload! Completing a Social Media Purge can be a great way to allow social media to be a positive influence in your life!



This is a form of Pratyahara, one of the 8 Limbs of the Yogic Path. We can use this as a way to withdraw our senses so we can focus on the important things.  


Give it a try for a few weeks, and see how it benefits you! I guarantee you will feel less overwhelmed & stressed and won’t miss 99% of what you’re missing!





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