Muladhara chakra

Muladhara chakra

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Muladhara Chakra


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Seed Sound: LAM

Color: Red


Ruby, which is invigorating, but soothing. It strengthens pitta dosha, which is helpful for those stuck in the earth element. 



Muladhara chakra is found at the base of the spine at the perineum. This is our base (root) support. 4 petals may represent the 4 directions: North, South, East and West. Representing the earth, it stands for our roots…where we came from. It is the prime supporter of all the other chakras, and though it is sometimes thought of as a “lesser, more primal” energy center, if this chakra isn’t strong, then nothing else will build on this successfully. 


Kundalini energy is thought to be dormant and housed in Muladhara Chakra. Kundalini is the energy which all forms of yoga are focused on raising. It is thought that Kundalini raises through the Shushmna Nadi, piercing each chakra, and opening a new level in our understanding and consciousness. 


Muladhara chakra is the first of the 3 animal chakras. Meaning that we and most animals have these three base chakras. Ideally we are born with these three chakras in place.


Mulahada chakra Alamosa CO Yoga Ayurveda


Muladhara chakra is associated with:



Mulahara chakra represents our physical earth and the earth qualities in our bodies (Think Kapha). Without a ground to walk on, nothing else is going to work.



Without a firm and stable base, it is impossible to progress through personality development and consciousness. This does not mean that if you come from an unstable childhood, you are out of luck. This means that you have to create the stability yourself. You will need to provide the nurturing qualities that you may not have received as a child. The good news is that you are more than capable to do the work and develop this groundedness yourself. The bad news? You can’t get them from another person. 


Survival Needs

Just like Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, we need to have our basic needs of food, shelter and water taken care of before we can start thinking about reaching higher levels of consciousness. If these aren’t met, we hang out with in this energy center and stabilize ourselves until they are. 



Our gross body is the physical aspect of our body. Think bones, muscles, nerves…etc. In yoga philosophy we understand that we are not our bodies. We are the spirit that resides in our bodies. (My students call them our skin suits…which I think is really funny) Yoga philosophy resides in reincarnation, meaning that our bodies are a temporary vehicle from which we do our dharma. However that does not mean that we neglect the body. It is my firm belief that it is of upmost importance that focus energy on keeping our bodies healthy, with daily exercise and healthy eating. 


If a person has a disability or illness, that does not mean that can’t do yoga, meditation or use the chakra system. I work with people with disabilities every day who are so embodied that they have such a higher level of understanding of physical experience. Some of my severely disabled patients are the most “woke” people I know. Yoga teaches us that we have specific lessons and experiences each life time to progress our understanding. 



Food is not simply a past time or way for us on connect with our friends and family.  Our food is quite literally the matter that becomes us and even becomes our grandchildren through DNA. Think about that. What you put in, you get out (yep…there’s the poop again). But I’m talking about body composition, energy, and quality of the mind. 


Food can be a cause of suffering whether you’re an over-eater or under-eater. Tantra yoga teaches us to be mindful and use worship with all of our actions. That includes eating. I’ve found that Ayurveda teaches us so much about healthy and mindful eating and since I’ve been deeply studying Ayurveda, I’ve experienced a huge change in my own approach to food and eating. Mindfulness and having a huge decrease in stress have been the prime benefit in this journey.



Gross matter is how we experience the world. While so many yogis focus on the upper chakras, the matter is how we realize the higher levels of consciousness and manifest our creativity and intellect. 



Muladhara symbolizes new beginnings and endeavors. It symbolizes birth and renewal. This was the symbol for Mountain Harmony Yoga’s first Yoga Teacher Training.



If you know me, you know I love talking about pooping. Don’t laugh, but it’s a super important part of a healthy body. Chakra’s are associated with the body parts they are near, and for the Muladhara chakra, it’s the colon. Healthy pooping equals a healthy body and mind. 



Muladhara Chakra Alamosa CO Yoga Ayurveda



Humans with a strong and balanced root chakra demonstrate strength and confidence, which allows us to easily fulfill all of our needs as we support the higher chakras and our own character development.


Folks with a weaker root chakra demonstrate insecurity and fear, which can present as anxiety and worry. Sometimes this comes from choices we make, and sometimes it is a direct reflexion of our family life as children.


When Muladhara is out of balance is can present as weight problems, generalized fear, feeling like a loss of center, regular flying off the handle, getting swept off your feet easily, intense daydreams, and obsessiveness with redundant matters.  Physically imbalance may manifest as hemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, arthritis or knee troubles.



How to Strengthen Muladhara Chakra


To strengthen the Muladhara work on meditations and visualizations that are grounding. As you sit in mediating, imagine your sit bones connecting with the life-giving earth as you breathe or chant and allow that rooting down to allow your essence to connect with mother earth.  


Increase your protein intake either in meat or vegan-friendly sources.


Muladhara Chakra | Alamosa CO Yoga



Assume the Chinmaya Mudra with your hands while in meditation. Place your hands in this mudra, facing down on your knees while in a sitting position and breath deeply. 

Muladhara Chakra Alamosa CO Ayurveda


Meditate on the Mountains. There is nothing more grounding than a mountain. I’m fortunate to be able to walk out my front door and reflect on a Colorado 14ner. If you don’t have a mountain nearby, take yourself to your favorite spot in nature. Take a seat on the ground and look around. 



Ashwagandha is a warming rejuvenation herb that strengthens the physical body. It helps to decrease stress, anxiety while decreasing exhaustion.  Talk to your Ayurvedic Practitioner to see if this herb is appropriate for you. 


If you like aromatherapy try this blend to support the Root Chakra. It has 100% pure and undiluted oils of Spikenard, Frankincense Carteri C02, Palo Santo, and Vetiver.



Chakra Journalling Questions


1. Muladhara means root support. What are your roots?  Sit down with your root chakra essential oil blend, a warm cup of tea or coffee and write about your upbringing.  Explore the good and the maybe not-so-good aspects of your childhood.  Is there anything you would change?  How?


2. What do you do for yourself now that is nourishing and comforting?  List all the ways you nourish yourself both physically & emotionally.  Why did you start doing these things?


3.  One the “Rights” of Muladhara Chakra is the right to be here…the right to be.  Set a gentle timer for 15 minutes, and in your journal, begin free writing beginning each sentence with I AM.  If you desire to go past 15 minutes do so until you’ve exhausted your list.  What feelings did this bring up?



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Muladhara Chakra is the very root of our being. It is what embodies our spirit to our bodies and what allows us to do our very important work. Balancing our root chakra is of most importance to support all that we are and all that we do. Make grounding practices a part of your daily routine to grow with strength from a stable base. 


Om Shanti.



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