Nasya Oil

Nasya Oil

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Yoga tells us that the nose is the entrance to the brain, prana channels and consciousness.  Science tells use that the nose is an entry way to the body specifically to the sinuses.  Nasya Oil is an excellent way to keep this area healthy and lubricated. 


Clear breathing is essential to a healthy body and effective yoga practice.  Maintains balance, clarity and equanimity throughout the body. Nasya soothes and protect the nasal passages to help us keep the balance we reach with our yoga practice and lifestyle.


If you’ve been to the studio, or even spent a little time around me, you know that I’m in love with Nasya Oil.  I’ve been known to stop stuffy-nosed strangers to share my affection of this uh-mazing oil and all the benefits it brings to our sinuses and health.



Benefits of Nasya Oil


Nasya Oil claimed benefit to assist with allergies, headaches, dizziness and vertigo. I’ve seen it alleviate frequent nose bleeds to my students. It may assist with stiff necks, or head, jaw, neck and shoulder pain. Have I mentioned headaches? It might help with that migraine. 


Ayurveda Nasya Oil



Nose oil is thought to support the immune system, by using congestion and lessen sneezing. Some users claim it improves sleep, prevents snoring, and alleviate puffy and dark circles under the eyes. Others will notice a calming of the nervous system. 


I can reports that with the use of Nasya Oil, I notice less fatigue. But the reasonn I started using this oil was to address the daily nosebleeds I experiences living at high altitude.  You see, I live at almost 8,000 ft above sea level, and in a very dry high alpine valley. Dry nose and nosebleeds is inevitable. And this nose oil lessened these nosebleeds from several times a day to maybe once every two weeks.


An unexpected benefit was when I say my eye doctor last year and she commented how my dry eyes were resolving. The only thing I had changed in my routine was the application of daily Nasya Oil!




When to Use Nasya Oil


There are some different thoughts on this.



If you use a Neti Pot, some sources will tell you not to use the Nasya Oil immediately after. Some claim to use Nasya before bed and then use the Neti Pot in the AM.


However I’ve found that a Neti Pot is very drying to the nasal passages, and at time will use oil directly after irrigating my nose.


Nasya Oil


But this is truly a personal journey, and I encourage you to figure out what works best for you. Currently, I don’t use a Neti Pot, and I administer Nasya in the AM about 30 minutes after a shower. 




How to administer Nasya Oil


1. Lay on your bed and allow your head to hang off the side.

2. Using the oil dropper, place 3-5 drops of oil in each nostril.

3. Sniff in deeply and allow the oil to coat the nasal passages.


Nasya Oil





Thought nose oil sounds pretty weird, it can be used by mostly everyone. Consult with your health care provider is your are pregnant or acutely ill. And though this can help with seasonal allergies, you should take a break from nose oil when you have a sinus infection or other acute illness. 




Where to get Nasya Oil

If you would like to purchase Nasya Oil, we sell it at Mountain Harmony Yoga or you can purchase it by clicking the link below.



Nasya Oil is an easy but super effective daily habit that provides many benefits including better sinus health and clarity of mind. Try some today and comment below with how much it helps!





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