So You’ve Signed Up for Yoga Teacher Training…

So You’ve Signed Up for Yoga Teacher Training…

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Congratulations!  You stepped forward and signed up for the Yoga Teacher Training Journey.  That’s a pretty kick-ass thing.


You’ve clearly fallen in love with Yoga and all of its beauty and benefits. Hopefully, you’ve been practicing for an extended period of time and are clear about this amazing next step in your life. You’re going to become a yoga teacher and share your love of yoga with the world!


Ok. So you’ve signed up for your training and are ready! You probably have a little nervousness about the program and what happens next.  It’s normal!


Starting anything new can bring the jitters…but know you’re in good hands.  This is going to be an amazing journey!  You’ll grow, your cry and you’ll accomplish more than you believe you can.


Are you ready to get started, but the program doesn’t get started for a bit? Guess what! There are plenty of things that you can do to get ready for the program.



Here’s a list of 6 things you can do now that you’ve signed up for Yoga Teacher Training!


1. Buy Your Book List

If you haven’t already, secure your book list from the studio. Go ahead and buy all your required books for the program. You should probably get all of the suggested books too. Start looking through them and if you’re close enough to the start of the program, you might want to start your reading homework too.



Yoga Teacher Training | What to do now



2. Let People Know

Tell your friends and family about the journey you’re about to take! At times it’s going to be a tough road, and you’re going to need all the support you can get. Your friends and family are going to be your best asset. So, let them know about this new adventure. They are going to be so excited for you! Maybe one of them will want to join the training with you!




3. Practice Yoga

This is the time to really spend a lot of time with your personal practice. Practice yoga every chance you get.

But your practice is different now right? You’re embarking on being a teacher. So that means you should be spending a lot of time exploring your poses quite a bit deeper. Think about describing your movements getting into and getting out of the poses. How does the pose feel energetically while you’re in it? What is each body part doing? Repeat the Sanskrit names of each pose.

And then think about how you would describe that to another person. You can even practice speaking the instructions out loud to see how you put the words together.

My 300-YTT Hr Teacher would say “Your teaching is for you, but your practice is for your students.” So use this time to explore your yoga practice more deeply so you understand the nuances of a deep yoga practice.




4. Secure your support person

Not only do your friends and family want to support you, but you need to connect with that one person to be your person. You know what I mean. That person that will celebrate you, be truthful with you and listen to you when you’re struggling. Let your person know that you’re starting teacher training and ask them to support you during this journey.


Support might mean words of encouragement, listening to you bitch about how tough the journey is or being patient with you while you practice teaching yoga to them and refining your adjustment technique.


Don’t worry. You’ll return the favor sometime, I’m sure!



Yoga Teacher Training | What to do now


5. Relax

Take a deep breath. Don’t take yourself too seriously. You can do this.


Know that you’ll be able to do anything you put your mind to, so relax, knowing that you took the first step in signing up. The rest is going to be an amazing exploration into yoga and yourself, and you will always be thankful you completed this training.


So before training starts, take some time to treat yo’self. Go on a mini vacation, sleep in a few times, read a book for fun or go out for a happy hour with your friends. There will be lots of work to do in the next few months, so just take it easy in the meantime.




6. Get a planner  

Yogi, you’re about to have a lot of homework. Plus you’re going to be living your normal life. So why not keep it organized? Pick yourself up a planner. You’re going to need!


All of the students of our last cohort purchased a Passion Planner, and it’s the one I use too! It’s simple and has all hours and half-hour slots and lots of pages in the back for keeping your life organized. The girls fell in love with it this year. Make sure you get one and mention my name when you order!





So are you excited yet? I bet! I’m excited for you. Yoga Teacher Training is one of the best parts of life! You’ll make amazing new friends, delve deeply into the beautiful world of yoga and grow in ways that will surprise you! You will never regret making this decision. Good luck to you and I can’t wait to hear how it goes!




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