Visuddha Chakra

Visuddha Chakra

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Visuddha Chakra



Throat Chakra Alamos CO Yoga Ayurveda

Seed Sound: HAM

Color: Blue

Gem: Turquiose: The Gem of Communication



16 petaled Vishuddha Chakra is located in the throat. Representing the ether element, it is our center of communication.


Reflecting the color blue, this throat chakra is the center of speech and listening. It helps us understand non-verbal communication, and the sounds around us to make sense of what our journey is presenting to us. 

Throat chakra Alamosa CO Yoga Ayurveda

Visuddha Chakra is Associated With:



Speaking our truth is sometimes one of the hardest things we can step into. Vishuddha chakra represents verbal and non-verbal communication. We create speech in our throat, and if this energetic center is strong we are able to truthfully communicate our thoughts and needs. If our heart chakra is strong as well, we are clear about our intentions and connect with others in a meaningful way.


With a strong throat chakra we are honest and compassionate in our interactions with others. We are able to be strong in speech and can excel at public speaking. We lose our fear of misspeaking in front of a group.


Non-verbal communication is just as important when we are interacting with others. We can display an open, honest demeanor when we connect with others, or we can appear to be stand-offish just by crossing our arms across our bodies. How we posture our bodies or the way we smile is a dead-on example of how we’re feeling. Vishuddha chakra helps us understand how others are truly feeling despite the words they speak.


With a strong Visuddha we are able to speak truth, even when it’s not a popular opinion. Miscommunication, lies and, guilt, cause stress in 5th chakra, and so by strengthening this chakra we can engage in important social justice work that is especially important in these times.



Visuddha chakra is also in the areas of the ears. This represents ability to listen.


Have you ever met someone who likes to talk so much that they have difficulty listening? How does that make you feel? How dow it affect your relationship?


When we take the time to stop showing others how much knowledge we have, and listen, we open up a world of further knowledge and relationships. When we take the time to allow others to speak, they can feel validated and supported. Allowing others to communicate their needs they can feel free to be themselves, and can be open to determine their own path. Our job is to support…not tell our loved ones what to do.


Taking the time to listen opens up an entire non-human world of nature. By turning off our earphones while walking in the park, we can hear the birds, animals, rivers, streams and other humans that comprise our community. We learn to understand the birds, be calmed by the water and notice the cycles of nature as we take the time to listen. It’s a beautiful gift.


Taking the time to shush up and listen allows for our inner voices to become clear.  Pranayama and meditation offer the opportunity to embrace silence when we need to receive certainty on a roadblock or opportunity. When we are silent, there is clarity.






In the body, ether is expressed within the empty spaces. The hollow of the empty intestines, blood vessels, bladder, and the lungs are filled with ether. It is the element that holds all the other elements.  It is the element that cradles all of us while creating space for the other elements.


Ether’s qualities are based more upon the absence of its opposing quality than on the actual quality itself.  It represents expansiveness. 


Appreciate how this also represents the possibilities within our speech. It represents support with offering infinite possibilities. 






All there is.

The universe was created when Parusha wanted to experience itself. The Big Bang occurred at this time, creating Vikruti.  The vibration OM was created it that time, and continues to permeate all that is. 


Speech creates sound with vibrational energy. We have a great responsibility to create meaningful and helpful vibration with our words and intention. Your words carry great meaning and you can elevate the consciousness of others with your voice.


Use this vibration wisely. 




Mantra meditation is a beautiful way to create meaningful vibration in the body to clear stagnant energy. A mantra is a syllable, word, or phrase that is repeated during meditation. Mantras can be spoken, chanted, whispered, or repeated in the mind.


Mantra meditation is a personal and deeply meaning full practice that is tailored to our current situation. 


Meditation is typically intimidating to newer practitioners as our minds wander when we sit still, open and listen. However mantra meditation provides an anchor for our mind and is often easier to approach than other forms of meditation. 


Throat Chakra Alamosa CO Yoga Ayurveda


When the Vishuddha chakra is in balance, we experience inspiration and excellent communication skills.


However if the throat chakra is in a weakened state, a student may experience frequent colds secondary to thyroid dysfunction, hearing problems, shyness, fear of speaking, inability to express thoughts


Folks with a malfunctioning Vishuddha chakra may demonstrate a stiff neck, blocked creativity, or may be prone to lying or social anxiety. They may become addicted to smoking, have swallowing disorders or experience sinusitis.


Have you met the person who is obnoxiously direct? That’s a throat chakra derangement for sure.





How To Strengthen Vishuddha Chakra


Taking a vow of silence is a beautiful, though sometimes difficult way to strengthen the throat chakra. It allows you to rely on non-verbal communication and discover how much meaningless speech we engage in on a regular basis.


Playing charades can be a fun way to strengthen your ability to communicate through non-verbal communication as well.


Discover your inner rock star or opera singer by simply singing. Sing in your car, sing in the shower, sing while walking through the halls at work. Let loose and discover your voice, no matter what anyone else has told you about it. My daughter can’t carry a tune, but she is loud and proud and has no problems telling anyone what she thinks! It’s a beautiful thing.


Speak your truth. Stand tall in your convictions, even in the face of adversary.


Mantra chanting not only supports the throat chakra, but all the other wheels of light and processes of the body. Allow the vibration of your favorite chant to permeate the whole body and enjoy the healing qualities of this ancient tradition. You can chant Om or the beloved Gyatri Mantra to begin your journey with mantra.


Meditation on the stars at night. Allow the awesome contemplation of how vast the universe is and how the ether in the universe is holding you right now. Know that you are supported in every way right in this minute. 


Throat Chakra Alamosa CO Yoga Ayurveda


Calamus root is an excellent herb to support imbalance in the throat chakra. Calamus is a warming circulatory herb that improves awareness and increased communication and self expression.  Connect with your Ayurvedic Practitioner to see if this herb is appropriate for you. 


If aromatherapy is your thing then give this True Expression blend from Plant Therapy a try. It contains 100% pure, undiluted essential oils of Ho Wood, Lavender Fine, Spearmint, and Blue Tansy. This is my favorite one of the chakra set!



Journal Prompts for Vishuddha Chakra

1. What was your favorite way to be creative as a child?  Were you encouraged in your creativity by your family and mentors?  In what way do you like to express yourself now?  What has changed?


2. Write a letter to your inner child about the truths you have discovered over your lifetime.  What did you learn as a teenager, a young adult and what have you learned in past year?  Read this letter out loud.


3. Do you feel you are able to speak your truth now?  If not, what is holding you back?


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