What To Expect During An Ayurvedic Consultation

What To Expect During An Ayurvedic Consultation

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Ayurveda translates to the “Science of Life.” It is a beautiful natural health practice based on the 5 elements that is the oldest medical system in the world. To explore the basics of Ayurveda Principles, head over to our post about Ayurveda Theory.  Here we’re going to address what to expect during an Ayurvedic consultation.


Ayurvedic Practitioners, Doctors, and Coaches treat clients with lifestyle modifications, food recommendations, and herbal remedies. With extensive training in Ayurvedic Nutrition, Western Anatomy & Physiology, Herbology, Chikitsa (Treatment), Yogic Theory, and Ayurvedic Anatomy, these practitioners are skilled at addressing physical and mental discomforts, and treating them before they turn into serious diseases.


Practitioners who treat with Ayurveda treat on the theory of Doshic of Imbalance. Doshas are the ratio of the elements in the body that are affected by lifestyle imbalances, climate changes, and any other host of complications. Practitioners are trained to assess these imbalances and make recommendations on how to bring the body and mind back into balance for your specific dosha.


Your initial Ayurvedic assessment

Prior to meeting with your coach or practitioner, you will receive your pre-visit paperwork. You will notice this paperwork is very thorough. It may feel like this questioning is very personal. It is personal!


Ayurveda deeply assesses every area of a person’s life to determine for imbalances. It’s important to be honest, thorough, and clear with the questions to allow for a proper determination of imbalances.


After returning your paperwork you will be contacted to make your initial assessment appointment. This will be either in person or via zoom.


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Prior to your first appointment, be sure to read the blog post explaining the theory of Ayurveda.  This will save a significant amount of time during your visit and allow more time to focus on your recommendations.


During your Ayurvedic Consultation, your practitioner will ask clarifying questions from your paperwork and determine your constitution. Your current doshic constitution is your Vikruti and your balanced constitution is your Prakruti. With this information, it can be determined the imbalances you are dealing with, and how exactly how to return you to a more balanced state.


During this time, your practitioner may take your blood pressure, assess your pulse, look at your tongue, or even take time for facial analysis.  Don’t worry your practitioner will explain all of this to you at the time. 🙂


After comprehensive questioning and review, your practitioner will provide you with recommendations in the areas of lifestyle, food changes, herbal supplements, and yoga/physical activity. At Mountain Harmony, not only is Becca an Ayurvedic Coach, and experienced yoga educator but is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy with deep understanding of physical rehabilitation. You are safe in knowing that your recommendations come from a long history of knowledge and experience. All suggestions will be safe and help you to step into your healthiest state yet.


At the end of your Ayurvedic consultation, you will be given clear information on how to approach your recommendations and schedule a follow up for your next visit.


After that, it’s up to you! It is your responsibility to integrate these suggestions into your routine and make changes to benefit your health!



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Follow Up Appointments


You and your practitioner will decide when it is appropriate to assess your progress.  This is typically every 4-6 weeks.


Ayurveda helps to balance and heal the body within. Though we love a quick fix, it typically takes several weeks to see a significant change in your symptoms.


During your follow up appointment, prepare to report on your adherence to your suggested program. At this point, you should be able to note the benefits you are experiencing with Ayurveda. Be sure to really take notice of your status in the days prior to your appointment so you can freely discuss your progress.



Ayurveda is a beautiful, natural approach to health and lifestyle that allows us to step into our healthiest state of living. With educated guidance in how to balance the body and mind, we can live a vibrant and purposeful life full of energy and satisfaction.



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