Workshops & Special Events

Workshops & Special Events


Book Night

Be Here Now is an integral book on the path to higher understanding of the self. It is a book that has been life changing for many seekers.


With the recent passing of the author, Ram Dass, so many people have been returning to this book for inspiration. So many locals in fact that we thought we would have a book night to celebrate and discuss the book together!


Join us for a casual night at the studio of community and discussion of BE HERE NOW, by Ram Dass.


Potluck encouraged. πŸ™‚


Alamosa CO Yoga




February 27-March 19

4-Week Calm Kids Yoga Series

Thursdays 6:30pm

Alamosa CO Yoga


Kids Yoga is a fun class that helps children develop great skills in a supportive and non-competitive environment. Kids benefit just as much as adults do from a practice of strengthening, stretching, relaxing, and letting go. Our Kids Yoga classes structured but open to spontaneity. Yoga principles are taught through creative games, breathing, relaxation techniques and yoga story time to encourage self-expression as well as building social skills.


The class is 45-50 minutes.


Ages 5-8.


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Alamosa CO Yoga





March 1-March 22

4-Week Reunion: A Postpartum Yoga Series

Sundays 4 pm

Alamosa CO Yoga

Yoga: a Reunion with Thyself


A 4 week series Sundays in March!


Reunion Breath and flow.
Exhale, flow and grow.
Support, Surrender and self care.
Courage to come as you are.


Join Yoga Teacher Trainee, Nisa Joy for her 4-Week Student Yoga Series. This class will focus on Postpartum exploration, but all Yogis are welcome!


Yoga literally translates into Union, this class will be a Reunion with thyself, thru breath work and flow asana postures. Come as you are lovely Mamas.


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Alamosa CO Yoga






March 3-April 28

8-Week Yoga Fitness Series

Tuesdays 5:30pm

Alamosa Co Yoga

Ready to kick your yoga practice up a notch?


We will use Yoga Poses to focus on strength and fitness in this class to prepare you for all that you do this summer.


This class will focus on strong bodies, with a fusion of strength reps and yoga poses which in turn will calm and strengthen the mind.


The prefect balance to support your journey.


All yogis welcome!


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Alamosa CO Yoga







March 4-April 22

8-Week Yin Yang Yoga Series

Wednesdays 5:30 pm

Alamosa CO Yoga


Join Kate for this special class enhancing the balance between activity and rest.


Sun and Moon

Light and Dark.

Yin and Yang.


Enjoy a flowing practice for the first half of the class, then enter a beautiful state of calm with yin style yoga; a deep connective stretch for the last half of the hour. The perfect balance for this time of year!


Prior yoga experience is recommended, as the flows in the class will be more vigorous.



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Alamosa CO Yoga






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April 5

108 Sun Salutations